'Fuck' Fact #91:

As of right this very NOW - the entirety of American Fuck-Tape's full-length album - The Yellow Machine - is available here:

Any and all of you 'Fuck-Heads can pick up the whole damned package for a measly six clams!  True.  Say you did when you could and get the jump on bandwagoneers who'll pretend they were 'always a fan'. 
We all know that's some horrific skunkshit; and since we're getting some sniffs already about licensing a couple tunes - we say "Gettem While Dey's Cheap", babe.

A Night... Silent as Hell

We're always American Fuck-Tape; even at Xmas.  So you know you'll dig our take on Joseph Mohr & Franz Gruber's Austrian wünderkarol, "Silent Night".

Masterful Strokes

....of that charcoal pencil... celebrated tattooist and 'Tape-Head Rene Cordero whipped this up as custom artwork for "American Rock Song [You Ruined L.A.]" as part of the VHS Special Edition (available 18 Dec!) of "The Yellow Machine".  Merci, Good Sir!

R-Cordero-American Rock Song.jpg

Didja Missit?

Another great illustrator [and collaborator with www.themimsbrothers.com] - who contributed to the Special Edition of "The Yellow Machine" [available soon on this very website!] is nationally-recognized artist Zak Kinsella {creator of the Midspace comic} who was adequately-inspired by the title-track to bring this to life:


Easter Egg...

...for the Non-Fuck-Heads who somehow missed the Rockeretta - here's a mobile-telephone snatch by none other than Taeleen Woodard - one of the artists who supplied original art to our VHS Fuck-Tape Limited Edition...a double--trouble creative spirit...