The Gothic Theater premiered the semi-autobiographical Rockeretta Spectacular 'The Yellow Machine'; fronted by Anton L'Amiral, (area MC, event promoter and filmmaker, Sid Pink,) who told the story of devastating heartbreak accompanied by his band, American Fuck-TapeThe Yellow Machine is not just another collection of all-too-shopworn ‘poor me’ songs.  The live production and accompanying album are a classic Fable; a fresh vision of how the reinvention of oneself through rock-n-roll can be critical to surviving enormous loss and its attendant narcissistic injuries.

The Rockeretta Spectacular The Yellow Machine was performed in its entirety one night only, supported by opening act A. Tom Collins - Denver’s celebrated mad men of gritty jazz-rock.
The concept record - produced by Kyle Jones, [local music guru who mixed & mastered the platinum-selling Fight With Tools album by Flobots] – is being made available for purchase via a Special Edition that comes artfully-packaged inside actual VHS tape -- this edition features every song, a complete set of the custom-created images created by artists who were inspired by a certain track, both videos, tons of photographs, all The Words - and a few surprises. 

Referencing the rock theatrics of Alice CooperHedwig and the Angry Inch, and KISSThe Yellow Machine  show was a complete ‘package’ – a branded, powerful mix of songwriting, production, imagery, prose, and dynamic showmanship - an undertaking by the content creators/integrators of Psychology Bag; who manifested a fully-immersive, arcane, and unflinching vision in its stark-yet-human portrayal of the arc of a doomed romance across all forms of media. 

The singular event took place on Friday, Nov 23rd, 2012